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" Cook in Italy was created twenty years ago, way before all the modern food movement became a fashion. I started from the love for good food and from the passion for a tourism made of hidden gems, of places and experiences that just a local can be aware of. "
Federico Crova
Senior Partner



The first Italian capital, Torino is a city to see. Its warm and gentle Baroque style and an industrial past now forgotten in favour of a new identity based on lifestyle make this city a must see for food lovers.


Alba means White Truffle, one of the Holy Graals of every lover of good food. The surrounding area, known as Langhe, is a beautiful hilly region where some of the best Italian red wines are produced.

Firenze e Toscana

Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, think of Tuscany and you are thinking of Italy. This Italian region offers so many suggestions for the visitor listing all of them is just impossible.


Romantic, colorful, beautiful, a place where you'd want to get lost for as long as you can afford. And yet one of the most incredible tourist traps that modern tourism ever generated.


Roma is a full immersion in what Italy is. Colorful, noisy, gentle, ancient, messy, hidden, crowded, never straight, never perfect, never boring. Rome.


With Italy, France is probably the other country that in the world is most associated with food. We consider ourselves cousins, it's a love and hate feeling (hey, they are French after all!) that goes back at least 800 years.

how it works

You say where, we decide what

Destination selection

You have to decide where you'd like to go, and this is almost everything we expect from you.

Creation of the trip

This is our part: we'll pick the best places to visit, the best restaurants (from trattoria to 3 Michelin stars), the best accommodation (from familiar B&B to 5*****L), the best cooking classes, the most interesting activities and experiences. We'll prepare your trip.

Live support

Once the trip created, we'll be waiting for you. And don't think you'll be alone: we'll be spending your holiday together, you'll live side by side with our senior partner Federico who will be your guide.

Northern trail from east to west

A trail leading from the first capital of Italy to Venice, touching areas where wine is a religion and food life. Places that occasional visitors don't consider and others where tourists are so many that we have to call friends living there to know where to do to find incredibly unknown gems. We'll cook in castles and on the Canal Grande, we'll taste wines and breath the smell of the ground in search for white truffles.

South to North migration

We'll follow and cross the Appennini from Naples to Torino, spending some good time in Roma, Siena, Firenze, Bologna, le Cinque Terre, Alba and Torino. We'll see the mountains, the sea and a lot of hills with their grapes. We'll ear the sound of cicadas and the whisper of the sea. We'll cook, eat, drink, have countless aperitivi in great places. Not enough? Well in case I'll call my sister at Elba Island and show you how life is in a private 19th century palazzo by the sea.

Caterina de Medici trip to France

So close, Italy and France share the same love for food and wine. And yet just a few kilometers can make the difference bringing us from a tradition made of olive oil and straightforward taste to a taste made of noble ingredients, fois gras, butter and rich flavours. And we'll study the evolution of these traditions, deeply influenced by Caterina de Medici when she moved from Florence to marry Henri II. Our tour will start in Florence and will end in Paris.

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A cooking experience is love, culture, challenge, satisfaction and much more.
It’s the chance for people who love good food (and particularly good Italian food) to get in contact with our incredible cuisine, to learn directly from professional chefs and to live an intimate experience doing what they love.

A nice food experience is exclusive, not standardized, technical, cultural and tasteful.

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