Federico Crova

As a tour operator and chef who was born and lived in Turin for 44 years, I created 15 years ago CookinItaly with the idea of being able to give to people coming to Italy the opportunity of getting in touch with the most authentic and genuine Italy.

This choice was correct: thousands of clients, that in the meanwhile became friends, trusted in me and had a great time in Italy visiting beautiful places, cooking in incredible kitchens, eating in good restaurants (not only 3 Michelin stars, more often unknown trattorie).

I decided to specialize  in exclusive and luxury tours, because nice things come for the right price.
A perfect trip needs a long preparation, a lot of time to take contacts, to make inspection  visits and a lot of time to contact, visit a discard the wrong suppliers.

I followed my passion. My competitors hire chefs and cooking schools they never met. I have my own cooking school and my staff of professional chefs with Michelin star restaurants experience.

Fifteen years of experience (and counting), proudly spent organizing amazing experiences for happy clients are my business card.


Important information before you decide to contact me for a project:

Due to the increasing amount of work I had to take the drastic choice of limiting  my services as follows:

– Stand-alone Cooking classes in Torino can be organized only for groups of at least 8 participants.

– Taylored tourist services while travelling in Italy.

If you need my assistance as a food expert while travelling in Piedmont or everywhere in Italy (I’ll spend days with you, I’ll choose restaurants and eat with you, I’ll select markets to visit, products to be tasted, wines to be drank)


ask me to organize the cooking experiences for you (I’ll organize exclusive cooking classes anywhere in Italy, whenever possible)

then these services don’t require a minimum number of participants, but be advised that you have to be ready to allocate an important budget.

Thank you and sorry for being so direct.